The ABOUT CHANGE campaign created several audiovisual products united by a storytelling capable of narrating the transformation taking place in the world of ENAIP NET training. The video tells how the experience and the meeting with ENAIP transformed and changed the lives of the three protagonists: Francesca, a young chef who in the restaurant where she works experiments with the meeting between tradition and innovation, Vittorio, an entrepreneur who makes cycles of the highest quality in his artisan company exporting them all over the world, and Alberto, a trainer and designer, an expert professional who uses avant-garde methodologies and didactic tools, capable of training young people and accompanying them in their future working life.

The writing and direction of About Change were carried out in such a way that the stories of the three protagonists are also told separately. From the “Extended Version” Promo that serves as a choral (Corporate) story, we edited three “short” versions where the subject and the point of view change while remaining within the same story, in an elaborate plot full of pivot-points that leads us to discover the lives of the three characters in a dynamic way.

Special thanks for the locations to: Electrolux’s Innovation Factory, Cicli Barco and La Viarte winery.

VIDEO PROMO - Extended version

In addition, some scenes of the videos were filmed several times in order to be branded by each individual regional Enaip institution, dissemination in fact took place both at the collective level of the consortium and in the individual channels of the regional members. In addition to this, there are versions with alternative editing in 9:16 format for Stories on Instagram and Web Display.

Alberto's Storyline

Vittorio's Storyline​

Francesca's Storyline​


The campaign provides a vision of ENAIP NET’s new five-year programme, coherently representing the consortium’s strategy and its desire to communicate in a totally new – almost revolutionary – way the role of social enterprise – and why to choose ENAIP training and services.



(Enaip Piemonte, Enaip Friuli Venezia Giulia, Enaip Lombardia, Enaip Veneto)


Film Director: Cristiano Perricone
Executive Producer: Irene Beltrame
Cinematography: Andrea Musi

Commercial tv 30"