About Change Project with ENAIP


It’s been almost two months since we delivered the storyboard and received the OK from EnaipNet for filming; finally today it’s time to unveil our work. We are proud to present Enaip: About Change!

It’s hard to convey the exact feeling you get at the end of such a complex and ambitious work: happiness for sure, but also lightness and a pinch of sadness. A small part of us detaches, leaves the studio, abandons us. This is to say, in a romantic way, that we feel a strong connection with this work in which we have poured a lot of energy and which we hope you will appreciate.

When we were first contacted, we immediately received and perceived a strong enthusiasm from the Enaip group; as a result, it was immediately clear that great expectations had been created for this campaign, which is in fact the most important one for the EnaipNet group, being the first to be developed at national level in cohesion between several regional Enaip’s: Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Lombardy.

So, having collected the stimuli, suggestions, objectives, and analyses that had emerged from the first brainstorming session, we began to imagine and write the story of three characters revolving around the Enaip world, trying to tell their figures and their daily lives as truthfully as possible. This small intuition gave rise to the structure of the plot, which sees their lives overlapping over the course of an ideal day.

For these reasons, we wanted to include in the film three real production contexts, three transversal production sectors such as food, design and sport, which symbolise excellence, ingenuity and innovation. Different capacities, aptitudes and skills that coexist on several levels: entrepreneurial, artisan and industrial. We therefore thank the Electrolux Innovation Factory in Porcia (PN), Cicli Barco in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD) and the La Viarte winery in Vencò (GO) for their support. Places that we invite you to visit (as soon as possible).

Through the narrative tool of the language of film, we have tried to represent these different aspects belonging to education, interpreting what we believe is its essence, namely the imprint it is able to leave on people’s lives.

About Change is also about this: about the change, of course, that society must continue to make with respect to issues such as gender equality, inclusion, work; but also about individual choice and change, the courage to try, the courage to apply oneself to new subjects, to pursue one’s dreams, and how to share and transmit knowledge. The campaign, of course, includes different video formats: the version we present is the extended one designed for institutional occasions. This is followed by three 60″ videos dedicated to each protagonist, the more classic 30″ television and the now unfailing 15″ vertical stories for instagram. We will see them in the coming days. We thank you for reading and wish you a good viewing!