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AgriVello is a start-up company born in 2021 from an intuition of Chiara Spigarelli, an agronomist and researcher, who came up with an innovative and green product: the natural fertiliser pellet made from 100% sheep wool. The company’s aim is to promote, in a simple and authentic way, a series of values linked to the circular economy and the all-round protection of the environment, capable of guaranteeing social, economic, environmental and territorial sustainability. The product is the result of research work carried out with the Department of Agri-Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine (supported by the Friuli Foundation, the Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria del Friuli Centrale and the Consorzio delle Valli e delle Dolomiti Friulane) and offers a concrete response to the difficulties that arise along the entire wool supply chain, drastically reducing the economic impact of sheep farming on the environment.

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retroetichetta packaging agrivello

Starting precisely from a discussion with Chiara and a study of the sector, we created a brand identity capable of translating the values and characteristics listed above. The minimal logo represents a white-haired, stylised sheep; the head recalls the ‘V’ of Vello, only turned upside down. As for the font used, it is simple and linear, as unimpressive as the product.

In terms of the palette, we opted for bright green as the main colour, a clear reference to nature and a colour that ties in well with the paper bag (1 kg and 2 kg formats), earth brown and white.

The brand identity was also applied according to these principles to the corporate website, whose main purpose is to inform about the company, values and product; the integration of the e-commerce, essential and easily accessible from the homepage, presents the products with “circular” still life photos, with details of wool and herbs-vegetables that refer to their use in the vegetable garden.



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AgriVello, a startup born in 2021, hired us to create a brand identity and corporate website, complete with e-commerce, to present itself on the market with an innovative and green product: the natural fertilising pellet made from 100% sheep’s wool. The main request was to bring out the values of sustainability, love for the environment and circular economy.