Belli di Mamm (Eng)


The series ‘Belli di Mamm’ is a sit-com in 10 episodes. It recounts the adventures of two characters: the “aspiring Apulian” focacciaro Cristian Rizzi and the loyal customer and former cycling promise Luca “Lochet” Pegri, played respectively by Federico Scridel and Cristian Barel. It all takes place in Mamm’s premises, between the counter and the kitchen, where, amidst linguistic misunderstandings, clichés, surreal situations and a lot of irony, themes linked to regional gastronomic traditions and the innovative way of interpreting them are tackled by Roberto Notarnicola, U’Boss, owner of the Udine-based ciclo-focacceria.

We produced the branded series ‘Belli di Mamm’ taking care of every aspect of its production. The first season consisting of 9 episodes + 1 Halloween special covered MAMM’s social schedule for several months. The fictional characters and their stories bring out the main characteristics of the Apulian cyclofocacceria with irony and lightness, conveying the values of the product and the philosophy of the brand to the public.

HALLOWEEN special episode

Synopsis: A closure like so many others, Cristian, more tired than usual, allows himself a break while sipping a beer, but when exhausted he rails against the “voice of the bandit” that inhabits his head, things go bad. Trapped in a dimension suspended between parody and thriller he tries to make sense of the evening by escaping from the pitfalls of “Lochet”.

season 1

Episode 1: Luca ‘Lochet’ Pegri and Cristian Rizzi meet for the first time inside MAMM as a cycling fanatic and a stressed-out ex-lobbyist.

Episode 2: From art to design, from the beauty of things to the quality of products… Cristian and Lochet find themselves engaging in philosophical discussions on the aesthetics of things, without lacking in misunderstandings and tortuous turns of phrase.

Episode 3: An irreverent homage to one of Camillo Mastrocinque’s best-known works. Luca and Cristian as Totò and Peppino give life to a surreal and light-hearted dialogue, however making water on all sides.

Episode 4: A day like any other and, like every day, Luca demonstrates his peculiar superficiality, parading clichés and confusing banalities…

Episode 5: Cristian finds himself fighting in vain against the frenzy of his customers. Luca, as usual, exasperates him with his outlandish demands, forcing him to ‘slow down’ the time of his service.

Episode 6: Luca ‘Lochet’ is sad that he did not manage to do even one bike ride, Cristian for his part tries to cheer him up by joking about the concept of zero kilometre.

Episode 7: Lochet is agitated and more careless than usual, he confides to Cristian that he is soon to become a father. Moved by enthusiasm, he quickly decides on his order…

Episode 8After a bike ride Lochet approaches the counter and, still in a daze, proudly recounts the sporting exploits of his grandfather, from whom he draws inspiration…

Episode 9: Luca is engrossed in reading a trade magazine and dreams of some bicycle models, Cristian tries in vain to make him understand the principle of waiting and collecting…


Ciclofocacceria MAMM


We were asked to develop non-conventional content to feed the already activated web content strategy for 2017. To this we responded by writing a format for an original sit-com that would introduce the brand to a wider audience, also outside the region, and consolidate the relationship of trust with loyal customers.