Best from the Experiential Marketing – May 2023

he best experiential campaigns of May 2023

Hey broders! Ready for the start of summer?

This May has been a blast for us! After the presentation of Nudge Theory in Milan, the tour of our latest product hasn’t stopped yet. In fact, we are preparing for a June full of special effects…are you ready?

We will bring you very fresh and juicy news shortly. But now, let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world of experiential marketing around us.

Here’s a look at the experiential campaigns that have most inspired and impressed us with their ability to integrate digital activations in creative ways, even and especially through music!

1. American Express opens a record pop-upfor Burna Boy concert.

American Express in collaboration with Momentum Worldwide created a pop-up campaign on the occasion of Burna Boy’s concert at London Stadium. The “America Express Records” pop-up appeared in a secret Hackney location revealed on instagram shortly before the event.

The experience recreated the interior of a record store and offered fans 60 seconds to search through the boxes of vinyl on display and find one of 200 pairs of tickets to the show, as well as a selection of other prizes including American Express member benefits, discounts on merchandise, food, and drinks, all accompanied by live music selection from some of the Afrobeat scene’s DJs such as: DJ Era, DJ Bayo and Spaceship Billy the official DJ of Burna Boy shows.

An original and engaging way for fans to experience the benefits of being an American Express Card member. Italian online payment services how about it? Shall we design an experiential campaign together

2. Netflix - Stranger Things Pop Up Store

It seems that lately Netflix is not exactly having its most golden moment. But it is in times of trouble that one is wont to appeal to certainties…say one of them is called Stranger Things and then bye-bye! The fetish series of every 80s lover comes to life in the new pop-up store, opened in Milan’s Piazza Cesare Beccaria, the largest in Europe.

But what happens inside? Fans will have the chance to experience the stranger things universe in more than 800 square meters, developed over three floors, including interactive and immersive experiences, hidden clues to discover and exclusive merchandise to buy.

And are you ready to hunt down the Demogorgon?

3. Select inaugurates Ca' Select: Experiential Brand Museum

After years spent somewhat on the back burner, the quintessential Venetian bitter is determined to take its revenge by inaugurating Ca’ Select: an experiential museum where all its identity can be brought out, between storytelling and exclusive parties, in the city that has always been its home, Venice. The chance to authentically discover true Venetian living and all the facets of a product that boasts more than a century of history so interwoven among the calli of its mother-city.

The inaugural event also featured the participation of Francesca Michielin. The Venetian performer put on an exclusive show for guests with a live performance of some of her biggest hits. As we have been arguing for a while, music is confirmed as an indispensable media for brands! We Broders are definitely ready to gladly support her and help you build your sound identity!

4. Levi's presents "The 501 experience", a series of immersive installations and performances

Levi’s pays tribute to 150 years of 501s by bringing to the stage an experiential campaign that associates its brand with soundsystem culture and BASS vibes.

The experience, designed by XYZ, includes a program of immersive installations and performances in London. Levi’s thus explores the legacy of soundsystem culture and its influence on musical genres, fashion and creativity over the decades, from dub to reggae to jungle, drum and bass, garage and grime.

Dal sito XYZ –

Visitors through waves of dub vibes are also ferried through the history of the British soundsystem by visual works by artist Cedar Lewisohn and photographer Yushy.

But to better immerse oneself in the you also need a suitable pool! Said and done and here appears a “vibroacoustic” therapy pool called Bass Bath, which replaces water with deep bass frequency vibrations between 30hz and 120hz. Closing out the event program was a panel discussion led by DJ David Rodigan, a performance by multidisciplinary street artist Navinder Nangla, and performances by soundsystem pioneers Channel One and Congo Natty.

Who knows how many anecdotes and stories we all have to relate to the legendary 501s. All that remains is for us to wish you many good vibes!


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