5 best marketing trends of 2024

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What will we hear about in the new year? We have collected the 5 (+1) marketing trends of 2024. Read our article now and discover them all! 1. (A)I ‘m still here: the success of artificial intelligence continues It was the phenomenon of 2023, didn’t you think it would abandon us this year? We are talking about Artificial Intelligence. And indeed here it is at the top of the marketing trends of 2024. Creatives and marketers are working on new applications: from using it to implement strategies, e.g. with algorithms capable of analysing customer behaviour to devise effective ad hoc strategies, to using AI in the creativity of copywriters, social media managers, video-makers and graphic designers. AI is now part of everyday working life, and its contribution in speeding up and personalising services is undeniable, even if doubts and fears are not lacking. While we await new developments, we broders continue to study and experiment with it. And you, what do you think of Ai? 2. Sustainability? No longer an option! Sustainability is an increasingly central theme for companies. While on the one hand, more and more consumers tend to prefer companies that respect the environment and human rights, on the other hand, as a reflection, we note that already 42% of companies today incorporate sustainability metrics in their KPIs (+16% compared to 2021). Obviously, the commitment to sustainability must be told fairly and transparently through content that entertains and educates the public at the same time.   3. the revenge of A.R. and interactive Engaging and enthusing consumers is a necessity for companies facing increasingly demanding audiences. In this case, Augmented Reality and virtual experiences are certainly two solutions to invest in to engage audiences and make their mark. Thanks to this type of technology, more realistic and immersive product experiences can be created, interactive advertising campaigns can be realised and engagement rates can be increased. A perfect, made-in-blanket example that follows these dictates is our Nudge Theory format, the brandable, interactive video-concert that allows the audience to be an active part of the show. In this space the company can insert its e-commerce by linking it to clickable areas, it can insert forms for data collection and much more, always exploiting the lever of entertainment. 4. micro- and nano-influencers are growing A small community united by a passion: this is what characterises micro- and nano- influencers. The result is a more intimate relationship between influencers and followers, who are automatically more involved and participative. For brands, this simplifies and strengthens the relationship with specific market niches. Unlike the engagement of macro-influencers, this type of collaboration is certainly cheaper, but also more genuine and authentic, making it possible to develop lasting and trusting relationships with one’s target audience. 5. the age of Video Marketing Have you not yet incorporated video content into your strategy? You’d better consider it! In fact, the video marketing phenomenon does not seem to be stopping with a 91% coverage of global internet traffic by the end of 2024! Winning characteristics? Immediacy, speed and high engagement rate: reels and TikTok (to the point of talking about TikTokification of content) are the type of content most loved by audiences, especially Millennials and GenZ, so much so that on average a user spends about 95 minutes a day consuming short videos. As far as YouTube is concerned, and therefore more ‘traditional’ formats, the focus is on content such as docu-series, tutorials, guides and thematic insights. Ingredients for guaranteed success? A careful analysis of your audience, the right channels, compelling storytelling … and the right creators ;). (+1). podcast on the run What if we told you that podcasts are growing more than blogs? In fact, it is estimated that 4.2 million podcasts are online compared to 1 billion blogs. Podcasts are among the fastest growing types of content in recent years (see Spotify 2023 report) and many of them have managed to create communities of loyal fans who follow new releases religiously. The podcast is versatile content that fits well into the daily routine and can cover any topic. would you like to integrate these trends into your 2024 strategy? contact us!