abstract / CONCEpt Path, sharing, encounter and inclusion, these were the key concepts from which we started to develop the SIMUP Sistema Museale Pistoiese logo. We were inspired by simple shapes that could reflect the founding concepts and express, concretely or figuratively, the complexity and aspirations of the project. From the map to the arches, to the electronic branches of the microchips, we sought an interpretation key that was both linear and complex, structured and modular. The letters are simplified to their essence, move sinuously and link harmoniously to the others. The lettering is entirely based on the single module of the truncated arch repeated, mirrored, rotated. The arches, recalling the characteristic architectural forms of the Pistoiese territory, tell of its palaces and churches, its history and tradition, but at the same time, being missing a part (truncated), they emphasise the need for the next form to support themselves, symbolising a union and a desire to create a more complex and articulated structure that makes that very union its strength. Individual subjects therefore, which in their encounter determine a common path. The junction points on the ‘map’ represent the constellation of the System’s individual museums and cultural nerve centres, as well as the interlocutors the System addresses and interacts with, namely citizens, students, researchers, tourists, cultural institutions and local businesses. The reference to the microchip structure emphasises the drive towards a functional complexity and a future that succeeds in putting technology at the service of man’s aspirations, thus becoming a tool and vehicle for growth. The choice of placing the colour red on a single circle, purposely placed between the ‘M’ of museale and the ‘P’ of pistoiese, represents unity and the common objective, while the vertical shaft of the ‘P’ has been purposely left open, uninterrupted by the circular shape, to leave space for possible future interactions, for the continuation therefore of this path of encounter and collaboration. Finally, the primary colour of the corporate image was identified in the red of the roses depicted in the Millefiori tapestry, which also represents a variegated, yet homogeneous and overall coherent plurality. generative LOGO LOGO – TAGLINE VARIABLES In these 3 examples, we propose some possible solutions for logo and naming development according to their use in the main social networks. Usually, profile images uploaded to social pages are self-inscribed within a circle. LOGO CONSTRUCTION and rules visual ID – print materials SOCIAL / image-processing BILLBOARD CREATIVE billboard / outdoor merchandising / MAGAZINE exhibition signage Truly accessible visual identity is achieved through physical and sensory interventions that make it perceptible to all. For example, by marking routes with relief materials, placing tactile information at the right heights and near the entrances to facilities. OPEN CALL Visual Identity Communication and territorial marketing project. SIMUP · Sistema Museale Pistoiese output Visual Identity, Brand Manual, Merch & Print, Strategy.