Andrea Giacomelli – Capability Design (EN)

scenario Andrea Giacomelli is an expert in Education & Social Policies, with many years of experience in the design and development of complex projects and system actions for educational, training and social innovation. He helps public and private organisations to innovate their products and services, thus contributing to the improvement of the eco-system in which they operate, through Human Centreed Design processes and Design Thinking techniques.  CONCEPT After an initial phase of careful analysis and dialogue, we established what would become the guidelines of the concept. As mentioned, Andrea Giacomelli is an expert in Capability Design, a set of research, consulting, training and technical support services aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of an individual, an organisation or a system. He is a sort of guide who, thanks to a series of tools, guides people (or teams) to increase their chances of personal fulfilment and economic and social development. blue print paper To reflect these underlying concepts, we took inspiration from the aesthetics of blueprint paper, used in design and shipbuilding. This reference clearly emerges on the website,, where the background is inspired by blueprint paper grids. This element is a reference to the careful and methodical design work: the lines of blueprint paper designs usually have a clean and clear appearance, giving a feeling of order. The fonts chosen (‘Inter Tight’ for titles, ‘Azeret Mono’ for texts) also reflect these characteristics. The dominant colour of the brand identity is Blueprint, Code HEF #0158FF), a reference to the blueprint paper; blue is also a colour that suggests calmness and relaxation. Logo For the logo, we were inspired by the tool of co-design workshops: the post-it! A simple and linear form, it represents the core of the activity, led of course by the expert, Andrea Giacomelli, whose initials are right in the centre. Through post-its, workshop participants express their ideas and observations, share opinions and give vent to creativity: values that belong to the concept of co-design. The logo is available in a basic version with the initials ‘AG’ inside a square post-it and in an ‘extended’ version with the specification ‘Andrea Giacomelli – Capability Design’.  developments picture processing Client Andrea Giacomelli, Education & Social Policies expert output Brand Identity and website Brief Andrea Giacomelli is an expert in Education & Social Policies, with extensive experience in the design and development of complex projects and system actions for educational, training and social innovation. We were hired to build an effective brand identity and website with him, capable of communicating the essence of his professional persona and the various services he offers. 

About Change Project with ENAIP

THE NEW ENAIPNET CAMPAIGN SIGNED BY BRODOSTUDIO It’s been almost two months since we delivered the storyboard and received the OK from EnaipNet for filming; finally today it’s time to unveil our work. We are proud to present Enaip: About Change! It’s hard to convey the exact feeling you get at the end of such a complex and ambitious work: happiness for sure, but also lightness and a pinch of sadness. A small part of us detaches, leaves the studio, abandons us. This is to say, in a romantic way, that we feel a strong connection with this work in which we have poured a lot of energy and which we hope you will appreciate. When we were first contacted, we immediately received and perceived a strong enthusiasm from the Enaip group; as a result, it was immediately clear that great expectations had been created for this campaign, which is in fact the most important one for the EnaipNet group, being the first to be developed at national level in cohesion between several regional Enaip’s: Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Lombardy. So, having collected the stimuli, suggestions, objectives, and analyses that had emerged from the first brainstorming session, we began to imagine and write the story of three characters revolving around the Enaip world, trying to tell their figures and their daily lives as truthfully as possible. This small intuition gave rise to the structure of the plot, which sees their lives overlapping over the course of an ideal day. For these reasons, we wanted to include in the film three real production contexts, three transversal production sectors such as food, design and sport, which symbolise excellence, ingenuity and innovation. Different capacities, aptitudes and skills that coexist on several levels: entrepreneurial, artisan and industrial. We therefore thank the Electrolux Innovation Factory in Porcia (PN), Cicli Barco in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD) and the La Viarte winery in Vencò (GO) for their support. Places that we invite you to visit (as soon as possible). Through the narrative tool of the language of film, we have tried to represent these different aspects belonging to education, interpreting what we believe is its essence, namely the imprint it is able to leave on people’s lives. About Change is also about this: about the change, of course, that society must continue to make with respect to issues such as gender equality, inclusion, work; but also about individual choice and change, the courage to try, the courage to apply oneself to new subjects, to pursue one’s dreams, and how to share and transmit knowledge. The campaign, of course, includes different video formats: the version we present is the extended one designed for institutional occasions. This is followed by three 60″ videos dedicated to each protagonist, the more classic 30″ television and the now unfailing 15″ vertical stories for instagram. We will see them in the coming days. We thank you for reading and wish you a good viewing!  

Saipex Stand Hese 2024 (Eng)

CONCEPT HESE- Hydrogen Energy Summit&Expo è la fiera dedicata alle nuove tecnologie per la produzione, il trasporto e lo stoccaggio dell’idrogeno, che si tiene ogni anno a Bologna. Uno dei temi principali è la sicurezza dei prodotti, un argomento che Saipex affronta quotidianamente. Per trasmettere questo senso di sicurezza, che per Saipex si traduce in sicurezza del prodotto, rispetto delle normative impiantistiche e analisi di ogni situazione per trovare la migliore, abbiamo realizzato uno stand lineare, dalle forme semplici e dove il blu, colore identificativo dell’identità aziendale, è il colore dominante, che incontra in alcuni dettagli il nero e il bianco, colori neutri. Pochi elementi per trasmettere ai possibili clienti quella che è la mission di Saipex: offrire servizi e soluzioni in modo semplice e completo, e occuparsi di tutto ciò che riguarda la sicurezza. On the Saipex stand, we designed two main panels. The first, which is more descriptive and demonstrative, displays four components of an installation and the different guidelines, in the form of questions, that they must answer in order to be compliant. Saipex is the right partner to contact for advice in this area. In the other, a screen broadcasts on a loop the corporate video, also made by us, in which the values and know-how, the result of years of experience, emerge. Both contents reflect a linearity in the transmission of information, which goes well with the minimalist style of the Saipex stand and visual identity. the project Client Saipex SRL output Stand fiera, brochure informativa, video corporate Brief Stand realisation for HSE-Hydrogen Energy Summit&Expo exhibition in line with the corporate image of Saipex SRL. The design must convey a general sense of safety and reliability, the result of Saipex’s experience in the field of hydrogen inspection and safety.

Interactive Wine Tasting @Borgo Conventi

intro The Oenologist Paolo Corso takes us on a discovery of Luna di Ponca, the flagship wine of Tenuta Borgo Conventi. From the moment we raise our glass, we begin a unique multi-sensory experience amidst distinctive colours, smells and flavours. Together with the protagonists, we immerse ourselves in the three different tasting phases: visual analysis, olfactory analysis and taste analysis. We start with the visual aspect of the wine, learning to recognise the nuances that make it unique; we then move on to the olfactory analysis, which tells us about the complexity of its aromas, and finally the gustatory phase, in which all the expressive characteristics of the wine are finally revealed. During this journey, we can delve into technical issues related to winemaking and tasting thanks to in-depth video fact sheets. But the experience doesn’t end there! In addition to the guided tasting, we can explore behind the scenes of the winery with an exclusive interview with the winemaker who reveals the secrets of wine production and the history of Borgo Conventi. Client Borgo Conventi Brief We created a content that entertain the audience and at the same time give them a taste of the experience of visiting the winery. The element of interactivity was undoubtedly the key to being able to directly involve the audience and customers, accompanying them to discover the ‘Luna di Ponca’ wine just like during a real guided tasting. A BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT Interactive video is digital content that actively and dynamically engages the audience. Written according to the principles of branching narrative , each user can change the course of the story, create their own ending, access special content and dedicated promotions! This gives the customer/viewer an engaging and unique experience. This type of content allows the audience to experience the emotion of tasting even from home, on any device, and offering a direct connection with the brand. Thanks to this advanced technology, every wine lover can take home the magic and unique atmosphere of a winery visit, transforming and extending the experience into a tangible memory to share with friends and family. Thanks to the extra content, such as interviews and in-depth reports, the public has the opportunity to learn more about the brand and discover anecdotes and characteristics of each vintage. The possibility of integrating e-commerce into the video makes it possible to purchase the wines of the tasting directly and to discover the entire offer of the winery. An innovative response to contemporary communication and promotion needs in terms of audience engagement, community development and brand awareness. behind the scenes

Radio Magica Academy ENG

CONCEPT For the Radio Magica Academy website, we applied the visual identity created previously. We imagined Radio Magica, and consequently also Academy, as realities capable of radiating culture and values of accessibility and inclusion. Therefore, in the logo and coordinated image we find a series of shapes, semicircles with rays of different shapes and colours, which can be combined to generate new, complete forms, which are different, but always fit together. Given the central importance of inclusivity for the client, we built the site according to accessibility principles: the colours and above all the combinations comply with the Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), just as the font used, Open Sans without graces, is easily readable. Regarding the request for an area for donations, we have included in the “What you can do” section, a direct link to Donorbox through which you can donate to the Foundation and the coordinates for a traditional bank transfer. formati Client Radio Magica Fondazione ETS Radio Magica Academy output Website Academy Brief Radio Magica Academy is a post-diploma cultural academy for young adults with disabilities, founded by Fondazione Radio Magica ETS. The request made to us was to create a representative website where we could tell about the Academy project, its activities and where we could raise funds to support it. The site had to reflect the identity created by us for Radio Magica Academy.

Agrivello – Brand Identity (En)

agrivello concime in lana di pecora

CONCEPT AgriVello is a start-up company born in 2021 from an intuition of Chiara Spigarelli, an agronomist and researcher, who came up with an innovative and green product: the natural fertiliser pellet made from 100% sheep wool. The company’s aim is to promote, in a simple and authentic way, a series of values linked to the circular economy and the all-round protection of the environment, capable of guaranteeing social, economic, environmental and territorial sustainability. The product is the result of research work carried out with the Department of Agri-Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine (supported by the Friuli Foundation, the Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria del Friuli Centrale and the Consorzio delle Valli e delle Dolomiti Friulane) and offers a concrete response to the difficulties that arise along the entire wool supply chain, drastically reducing the economic impact of sheep farming on the environment. Starting precisely from a discussion with Chiara and a study of the sector, we created a brand identity capable of translating the values and characteristics listed above. The minimal logo represents a white-haired, stylised sheep; the head recalls the ‘V’ of Vello, only turned upside down. As for the font used, it is simple and linear, as unimpressive as the product. In terms of the palette, we opted for bright green as the main colour, a clear reference to nature and a colour that ties in well with the paper bag (1 kg and 2 kg formats), earth brown and white. The brand identity was also applied according to these principles to the corporate website, whose main purpose is to inform about the company, values and product; the integration of the e-commerce, essential and easily accessible from the homepage, presents the products with “circular” still life photos, with details of wool and herbs-vegetables that refer to their use in the vegetable garden.   PROGETTO video Client Agrivello output Website, E-commerce, Brand Identity, Packaging, Video Corporate Brief AgriVello, a startup born in 2021, hired us to create a brand identity and corporate website, complete with e-commerce, to present itself on the market with an innovative and green product: the natural fertilising pellet made from 100% sheep’s wool. The main request was to bring out the values of sustainability, love for the environment and circular economy.

Raggi di Vite project

CONCEpt The visual concept created for Radio Magica Academy, and for the Raggi di Vite project, stems from the very mission of the Foundation: to create and promote a culture of accessibility, inclusivity and to enhance the richness of diversity. Referring to the concept of “Radio”, we thought about how to convey the content in this medium: Radio Magica, through its “waves”, therefore the content and courses promoted in the Academy, radiates and spreads knowledge, culture of inclusiveness and accessibility. We have therefore created a series of shapes, semicircles with rays of different shapes and colours, which can be combined with each other and thus able to generate new complete shapes, which are different but always fit together. We also applied the concept just described to the RAGGI DI VITE project, which was designed to promote the Academy, a post-diploma training centre for young adults with cognitive disabilities. Radio Magica has partnered with three different wineries in the Aquileia DOC region (FVG), Brojli, Ca’ Bolani and Rigonat, each of which has earmarked two or three wines for this special edition, part of the proceeds of which will go to support the Academy’s activities. During the design phase, we took two particular aspects into account: the need to create a label adaptable to the different bottle formats, specific to each winery, and compliance with the principles of inclusion and readability of the content. We therefore created a label suitable for all three wineries and the different formats, in which the elements of the visual described stand out, with simple shapes and colour combinations in accordance with the Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG); half of each shape is composed with a shape identifying the winery and the other half with its own for each wine.  The compositions that are generated, all different but at the same time harmonious, interpret diversity as a source of richness. We can also find the same concept in the world of wine, where each winery is able to offer different nuances of a territory, and each territory can be told according to different techniques and sensibilities. NAMING and contents Fondazione Radio Magica, also through projects such as RAGGI DI VITE, is daily committed to radiating culture and positive values. This is why the wines belonging to the RAGGI DI VITE project have names belonging to positive, colourful, optimistic imagery such as Radiant, Generous and Luminous.  The naming of the wine on the label is also in Braille, in relief, so that the content is also readable for the visually impaired and blind, respecting the values of accessibility and inclusion. The QR code on each label links to a video content, created by the Radio Magica Academy boys. Thus, each bottle of the RAGGI DI VITE project, in addition to being a messenger of the values described, becomes a bearer of culture, just as Radio Magica Academy does with activities, courses and events. RADIOSO / BROJLI – LOGO VARIABLES generoso / RIGONAT – LOGO VARIABLES LUMINOSO / Ca’ Bolani – LOGO VARIABLES Client Fondazione Radio Magica ETS #RAGGIDIVITE output Visual Identity (Immagine Generativa Logo), Progettazione Etichette Brief The main objective was to create a concept to be applied to several projects of the Radio Magica Academy Foundation, including RAGGI DI VITE, a social campaign supported by three different wineries in FVG. Specifically, we were asked to design the labels for the line of wine bottles participating in the project, inspired by the Foundation’s identity values: inclusion, accessibility and diversity as a source of wealth.


abstract / CONCEpt Path, sharing, encounter and inclusion, these were the key concepts from which we started to develop the SIMUP Sistema Museale Pistoiese logo. We were inspired by simple shapes that could reflect the founding concepts and express, concretely or figuratively, the complexity and aspirations of the project. From the map to the arches, to the electronic branches of the microchips, we sought an interpretation key that was both linear and complex, structured and modular. The letters are simplified to their essence, move sinuously and link harmoniously to the others. The lettering is entirely based on the single module of the truncated arch repeated, mirrored, rotated. The arches, recalling the characteristic architectural forms of the Pistoiese territory, tell of its palaces and churches, its history and tradition, but at the same time, being missing a part (truncated), they emphasise the need for the next form to support themselves, symbolising a union and a desire to create a more complex and articulated structure that makes that very union its strength. Individual subjects therefore, which in their encounter determine a common path. The junction points on the ‘map’ represent the constellation of the System’s individual museums and cultural nerve centres, as well as the interlocutors the System addresses and interacts with, namely citizens, students, researchers, tourists, cultural institutions and local businesses. The reference to the microchip structure emphasises the drive towards a functional complexity and a future that succeeds in putting technology at the service of man’s aspirations, thus becoming a tool and vehicle for growth. The choice of placing the colour red on a single circle, purposely placed between the ‘M’ of museale and the ‘P’ of pistoiese, represents unity and the common objective, while the vertical shaft of the ‘P’ has been purposely left open, uninterrupted by the circular shape, to leave space for possible future interactions, for the continuation therefore of this path of encounter and collaboration. Finally, the primary colour of the corporate image was identified in the red of the roses depicted in the Millefiori tapestry, which also represents a variegated, yet homogeneous and overall coherent plurality. generative LOGO LOGO – TAGLINE VARIABLES In these 3 examples, we propose some possible solutions for logo and naming development according to their use in the main social networks. Usually, profile images uploaded to social pages are self-inscribed within a circle. LOGO CONSTRUCTION and rules visual ID – print materials SOCIAL / image-processing BILLBOARD CREATIVE billboard / outdoor merchandising / MAGAZINE exhibition signage Truly accessible visual identity is achieved through physical and sensory interventions that make it perceptible to all. For example, by marking routes with relief materials, placing tactile information at the right heights and near the entrances to facilities. OPEN CALL Visual Identity Communication and territorial marketing project. SIMUP · Sistema Museale Pistoiese output Visual Identity, Brand Manual, Merch & Print, Strategy.


INTRO The LIFE FOSTER project, funded with support from the European Commission’s LIFE programme and coordinated by ENAIP NET, aims to reduce food waste in the catering industry. The project focuses on these main areas TRAINING AND EDUCATION, PREVENTION AND COMMUNICATION in activities carried out in France, Italy, Malta and Spain.  We produced a video animation using the stop motion technique for the project’s dissemination campaign. The choice was dictated by the need to describe some of the main processes and practices to combat waste in the different stages of food processing, from cultivation to consumption, the infographics also accurately describe the context and state of the art of the project. The key point, which is the objective of the campaign, is the involvement of the catering industry through the trainers and trainees of the various training centres OUTPUT Client Life-Foster / ENAIP NET Brief We were asked to produce the promotional video for the project’s awareness and dissemination campaign. The video should contain all the key information in terms of results and objectives. In addition to the video animation, we were asked to produce international guidelines to be shared with all partners to standardise the production of infographic and audiovisual content.