Tourism and territorial marketing: the trends

an in-depth look at global and European strategies regarding territorial promotion campaigns to relaunch the tourism and travel sectors. Last year we experienced, observed (and sometimes suffered) major changes in consumer habits and preferences. In all activities, every single brand had to review its communication and sales strategy. Of these, the most affected were certainly […]

What have we learnt from 2021?​

Last year, the second of the Post-Covid era, we addressed the topic of ‘hybrid’ event development on several occasions in our blog.  But what has changed since then? Which formats and formats have worked best? Which technologies have facilitated this rapid progress and which are about to establish themselves in the market? How can brands […]

Experiential Marketing: best of 2019

Be inspired by this collection of the best experiential and unconventional campaigns of 2019, carefully selected by BRODO Studio!  Experience this journey through extraordinary ideas and content capable of making customers experience new ways of enjoying the product and immersing themselves in a brand’s identity and values. Curiosə? Enjoy the show!

About Change Project with ENAIP

THE NEW ENAIPNET CAMPAIGN SIGNED BY BRODOSTUDIO It’s been almost two months since we delivered the storyboard and received the OK from EnaipNet for filming; finally today it’s time to unveil our work. We are proud to present Enaip: About Change! It’s hard to convey the exact feeling you get at the end of […]

Marketing Trends from the sport brand’s world

THE IMPORTANCE OF BRAND ENGAGEMENT AND THE CREATION OF EMOTIONAL CONTENT. The dominant theme regarding the new routes of marketing and communication is confirmed to be that related to the creation of authentic experiential content. It is precisely in the often abused word “authenticity” that lies the key to a correct reading of a brand’s […]

brodo studio’s playlist​

What music blows the minds of BRODERS?  The selection of the most popular new music and the most listened to hits here at Brodo Studio. BRODO SOUND is a playlist for you to discover! To look inside our heads (and ears) a bit, get to know and recognize each other, understand…that deep down, but really […]

Best from the Experiential Marketing – May 2023

he best experiential campaigns of May 2023 Hey broders! Ready for the start of summer? This May has been a blast for us! After the presentation of Nudge Theory in Milan, the tour of our latest product hasn’t stopped yet. In fact, we are preparing for a June full of special effects…are you ready? We […]

about udinì: what the brands think about it

What do the Brands think of udinì?  On the occasion of the first season of Udinì Live Experience, we collected the testimonies of some of the brand managers involved in our series. What do they think about content marketing strategies? What is their relationship with art and music in particular? How can a brand tie […]

Dolomeyes press conference

The new campaign for the Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO signed by Brodo Studio. The campaign of the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, realised in collaboration with the Associations of Refuges and Mountaineers of the Dolomites Region, has been launched. At the beginning of a summer that will be marked by important tourist flows in the Dolomites World Heritage […]

Insight branded content (eng)

CONTENT MARKETING for brands: road to brodoway The advertising scenario is constantly evolving. How can we best interpret audience behaviour? What kind of demands and needs are we called upon to satisfy? We at BrodoStudio take spectacle and seriality very seriously, so much so that we have given a name to our direction, ‘THISISBRODOWAY’. We […]