About Change Project with ENAIP

THE NEW ENAIPNET CAMPAIGN SIGNED BY BRODOSTUDIO https://youtu.be/cI6edJEMVh8 It’s been almost two months since we delivered the storyboard and received the OK from EnaipNet for filming; finally today it’s time to unveil our work. We are proud to present Enaip: About Change! It’s hard to convey the exact feeling you get at the end of such a complex and ambitious work: happiness for sure, but also lightness and a pinch of sadness. A small part of us detaches, leaves the studio, abandons us. This is to say, in a romantic way, that we feel a strong connection with this work in which we have poured a lot of energy and which we hope you will appreciate. When we were first contacted, we immediately received and perceived a strong enthusiasm from the Enaip group; as a result, it was immediately clear that great expectations had been created for this campaign, which is in fact the most important one for the EnaipNet group, being the first to be developed at national level in cohesion between several regional Enaip’s: Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and Lombardy. So, having collected the stimuli, suggestions, objectives, and analyses that had emerged from the first brainstorming session, we began to imagine and write the story of three characters revolving around the Enaip world, trying to tell their figures and their daily lives as truthfully as possible. This small intuition gave rise to the structure of the plot, which sees their lives overlapping over the course of an ideal day. For these reasons, we wanted to include in the film three real production contexts, three transversal production sectors such as food, design and sport, which symbolise excellence, ingenuity and innovation. Different capacities, aptitudes and skills that coexist on several levels: entrepreneurial, artisan and industrial. We therefore thank the Electrolux Innovation Factory in Porcia (PN), Cicli Barco in Piazzola sul Brenta (PD) and the La Viarte winery in Vencò (GO) for their support. Places that we invite you to visit (as soon as possible). Through the narrative tool of the language of film, we have tried to represent these different aspects belonging to education, interpreting what we believe is its essence, namely the imprint it is able to leave on people’s lives. About Change is also about this: about the change, of course, that society must continue to make with respect to issues such as gender equality, inclusion, work; but also about individual choice and change, the courage to try, the courage to apply oneself to new subjects, to pursue one’s dreams, and how to share and transmit knowledge. The campaign, of course, includes different video formats: the version we present is the extended one designed for institutional occasions. This is followed by three 60″ videos dedicated to each protagonist, the more classic 30″ television and the now unfailing 15″ vertical stories for instagram. We will see them in the coming days. We thank you for reading and wish you a good viewing!  

Interactive Wine Tasting @Borgo Conventi

intro The Oenologist Paolo Corso takes us on a discovery of Luna di Ponca, the flagship wine of Tenuta Borgo Conventi. From the moment we raise our glass, we begin a unique multi-sensory experience amidst distinctive colours, smells and flavours. Together with the protagonists, we immerse ourselves in the three different tasting phases: visual analysis, olfactory analysis and taste analysis. We start with the visual aspect of the wine, learning to recognise the nuances that make it unique; we then move on to the olfactory analysis, which tells us about the complexity of its aromas, and finally the gustatory phase, in which all the expressive characteristics of the wine are finally revealed. During this journey, we can delve into technical issues related to winemaking and tasting thanks to in-depth video fact sheets. But the experience doesn’t end there! In addition to the guided tasting, we can explore behind the scenes of the winery with an exclusive interview with the winemaker who reveals the secrets of wine production and the history of Borgo Conventi. Client Borgo Conventi www.borgoconventi.it Brief We created a content that entertain the audience and at the same time give them a taste of the experience of visiting the winery. The element of interactivity was undoubtedly the key to being able to directly involve the audience and customers, accompanying them to discover the ‘Luna di Ponca’ wine just like during a real guided tasting. A BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT Interactive video is digital content that actively and dynamically engages the audience. Written according to the principles of branching narrative , each user can change the course of the story, create their own ending, access special content and dedicated promotions! This gives the customer/viewer an engaging and unique experience. This type of content allows the audience to experience the emotion of tasting even from home, on any device, and offering a direct connection with the brand. Thanks to this advanced technology, every wine lover can take home the magic and unique atmosphere of a winery visit, transforming and extending the experience into a tangible memory to share with friends and family. Thanks to the extra content, such as interviews and in-depth reports, the public has the opportunity to learn more about the brand and discover anecdotes and characteristics of each vintage. The possibility of integrating e-commerce into the video makes it possible to purchase the wines of the tasting directly and to discover the entire offer of the winery. An innovative response to contemporary communication and promotion needs in terms of audience engagement, community development and brand awareness. behind the scenes


INTRO The LIFE FOSTER project, funded with support from the European Commission’s LIFE programme and coordinated by ENAIP NET, aims to reduce food waste in the catering industry. The project focuses on these main areas TRAINING AND EDUCATION, PREVENTION AND COMMUNICATION in activities carried out in France, Italy, Malta and Spain.  We produced a video animation using the stop motion technique for the project’s dissemination campaign. The choice was dictated by the need to describe some of the main processes and practices to combat waste in the different stages of food processing, from cultivation to consumption, the infographics also accurately describe the context and state of the art of the project. The key point, which is the objective of the campaign, is the involvement of the catering industry through the trainers and trainees of the various training centres OUTPUT Client Life-Foster / ENAIP NET www.lifefoster.eu Brief We were asked to produce the promotional video for the project’s awareness and dissemination campaign. The video should contain all the key information in terms of results and objectives. In addition to the video animation, we were asked to produce international guidelines to be shared with all partners to standardise the production of infographic and audiovisual content.


The ABOUT CHANGE campaign created several audiovisual products united by a storytelling capable of narrating the transformation taking place in the world of ENAIP NET training.


INTRO In May 2016, as authors, directors and photo reporters, we created the format (branded series) for the second edition of Viaggio Italia, a 30-day touring experience that travelled all over Italy, from the North to the South, taking our two travelling friends Luca Paiardi and Danilo Ragona on a tour. The aim of the trip is to show that living with a disability is possible: Viaggio Italia is a travel project to discover limitations and the desire to overcome them or to recognise them, as well as to get to know the pleasure of travelling with its encounters, discoveries and emotions. The media echo was immediately very relevant, we obtained publications and live interviews on all the major national television and radio networks. This experience gave rise to the format broadcast on the television programme “Le falde del Kilimangiaro” hosted by Licia Colò on Rai3. PILot – Episodio 1 TRAILER PHOTO REPORTAGE / SOCIAL Client Able to Enjoy www.viaggioitalia.org output The 2016 tour had to be documented with multiple shooting techniques and different types of reportage, from photographic to audiovisual. During the first week of the trip, we produced the pilot of the TV format, fed the social channels with feeds and streaming, and edited daily clips and promos (stories) for the different technical sponsors.

Udinì Live Experience – the Show

INTRO Udinì Live Experience is a musical entertainment format conceived and realized in 2020 by BrodoStudio. The first season includes 9 episodes. The idea behind the format is to create a connection between the world of music and art with brands. Through the creation of unique artistic entertainment content, it is possible to tell the story and values of different commercial and institutional realities. In addition to the creation of individual episodes, the production of Udinì – Live Experience includes a dedicated digital framework and editorial plan. We created a real Network that includes the official website www.udini.it, youtube channel and facebook page, from which live broadcasts and video previews are transmitted. This allows us to disseminate content about the artists and brands involved by developing tailor-made editorial materials such as interviews, playlists, illustrations, backstage graphics and photo reports. Each episode is linked to a specific marketing campaign with dedicated brand activation. BRANDED INTERVIEWS: Season 1 NEW EPISODES – Season 2 – in production https://youtu.be/1ao2RcHNRiQhttps://youtu.be/lurC5eQONiQ Artists from the contemporary music scene perform live site-specific performances. Cultural heritage, science and industry meet music drawing new “sound and visual forms.” Udinì Live Experience tells the story of the richness and diversity of the Italian and European contemporary music scene by bringing music to the most representative places of both the productive and industrial context and the world of art, culture and territorial promotion. The magic of music accompanies us in the discovery of museums, archaeological sites, natural parks, factories and workshops, even at temporary events. Each Udinì performance is a unique and site-specific performance; an exciting visual and sound experience that the audience can live and relive thanks to the recordings, rediscovering that magic and energy typical of live performances. Thanks to exclusive interviews and in-depth materials, each episode allows a brand’s products and services to be integrated organically into the context of the performances. UDILI LIVE EXPERIENCE: SEASON ONE – ALL EPISODES https://youtu.be/JGL-pNRcLachttps://youtu.be/WTV4JL2LVTs The first season of Udinì Live Experience featured the New Candys and Montoya at the beautiful MUSE in Trento designed by Renzo Piano, where we staged their performance in the large central hall called The Void and in the wonderful tropical greenhouse. The live performances at MUSE were connected to the promotion and dissemination of the “Dolomeyes” Awareness Campaign carried out for Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO. https://youtu.be/68EBQezeYeshttps://youtu.be/YMbkTajGews In each episode of Udinì very different situations were experienced, both from the point of view of live recording and those dictated by the locations and the technical needs of the artists. In the case of the Vanarin, for example, the episode took place at one of the Milan venues of the Flower Burger chain during closing time in the “shift change” between lunch and dinner, everything was set up and restored in record time, and the recording turned into a “live experiential” event where incredulous passers-by could enjoy the performance. Completely different scenario for Post Nebbia, where we made a real “movie concert” inside a charming art nouveau villa, with the insertion of short fictional clips connecting one setting to another, for the creation of a unique musical narrative. https://youtu.be/v1rUeQD5pjohttps://youtu.be/nAtvDju4JPY Bruuno Noise and Cecilia, on the other hand, were paired with the Bevande Futuriste brand with two live performances made at Barch Brewery. The episode dedicated to singer-songwriter Gregorio Sanchez features an intimate atmosphere with an electro-acoustic live performance recorded in the CR/AK Brevery lounge. https://youtu.be/SliUOhlK-wU ClientS Fondazione Dolomiti Unesco, MUSE Trento, Bevande Futuriste, Flower Burger, CR/AK Brewery, Brodo Studio Brief In 2019 we won the Por Fesr FVG regional call for proposals with the BrodoStudio project, we were asked to develop services/content with which to test our market. So we created a format that contained all the elements of BrodoStudio, both the experiential part and the development of non-conventional video content.