Interactive video is digital content that actively and dynamically engages the audience. Written according to the principles of branching narrative, each user can change the course of the story, create their own ending, access special content and dedicated promotions! This gives the customer/viewer an engaging and unique experience.

This kind of content allows the audience to experience the emotion of a wine tasting even from home, on any device, and offering a direct connection with the brand. Thanks to this advanced technology, every wine lover can take home the magic and unique atmosphere of a winery visit, transforming and extending the experience into a tangible memory to share with friends and family. 

Thanks to the extra content, such as interviews and in-depth reports, the public has the opportunity to learn more about the brand and discover anecdotes and characteristics of each vintage. The possibility of integrating e-commerce into the video makes it possible to purchase the wines of the tasting directly and to discover the entire offer of the winery.

An innovative response to contemporary communication and promotion needs in terms of audience engagement, community development and brand awareness.

episode "Luna di ponca" by Borgo Conventi

Winemaker Paolo Corso takes us on a discovery of Luna di Ponca, the signature wine of Tenuta Borgo Conventi. 

From the moment we lift the glass we begin a unique multisensory experience among distinctive colors, smells and flavors. Together with the protagonists, we immerse ourselves in the different three different stages of tasting: visual analysis, olfactory analysis and gustatory analysis.

We start from the visual aspect of the wine, learning to recognize the nuances that make it unique; we then move on to the olfactory analysis, which tells us about the complexity of its aromas, and finally the gustatory phase, in which all the expressive characteristics of the wine are finally revealed to us. During this journey we can delve into technical issues related to winemaking and tasting thanks to in-depth video fact sheets.

But the experience does not end there! In addition to the guided tasting, we can explore behind the scenes of the winery with an exclusive interview with the winemaker who reveals the secrets of wine production and the history of Borgo Conventi.

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