In May 2016, as authors, directors and photo reporters, we created the format (branded series) for the second edition of Viaggio Italia, a 30-day touring experience that travelled all over Italy, from the North to the South, taking our two travelling friends Luca Paiardi and Danilo Ragona on a tour. The aim of the trip is to show that living with a disability is possible: Viaggio Italia is a travel project to discover limitations and the desire to overcome them or to recognise them, as well as to get to know the pleasure of travelling with its encounters, discoveries and emotions. The media echo was immediately very relevant, we obtained publications and live interviews on all the major national television and radio networks. This experience gave rise to the format broadcast on the television programme “Le falde del Kilimangiaro” hosted by Licia Colò on Rai3.

PILot - Episodio 1




Able to Enjoy


The 2016 tour had to be documented with multiple shooting techniques and different types of reportage, from photographic to audiovisual. During the first week of the trip, we produced the pilot of the TV format, fed the social channels with feeds and streaming, and edited daily clips and promos (stories) for the different technical sponsors.