The LIFE FOSTER project, funded with support from the European Commission’s LIFE programme and coordinated by ENAIP NET, aims to reduce food waste in the catering industry. The project focuses on these main areas TRAINING AND EDUCATION, PREVENTION AND COMMUNICATION in activities carried out in France, Italy, Malta and Spain. 

We produced a video animation using the stop motion technique for the project’s dissemination campaign. The choice was dictated by the need to describe some of the main processes and practices to combat waste in the different stages of food processing, from cultivation to consumption, the infographics also accurately describe the context and state of the art of the project. The key point, which is the objective of the campaign, is the involvement of the catering industry through the trainers and trainees of the various training centres



Life-Foster / ENAIP NET


We were asked to produce the promotional video for the project’s awareness and dissemination campaign. The video should contain all the key information in terms of results and objectives. In addition to the video animation, we were asked to produce international guidelines to be shared with all partners to standardise the production of infographic and audiovisual content.