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For the Radio Magica Academy website, we applied the visual identity created previously. We imagined Radio Magica, and consequently also Academy, as realities capable of radiating culture and values of accessibility and inclusion. Therefore, in the logo and coordinated image we find a series of shapes, semicircles with rays of different shapes and colours, which can be combined to generate new, complete forms, which are different, but always fit together.

Given the central importance of inclusivity for the client, we built the site according to accessibility principles: the colours and above all the combinations comply with the Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), just as the font used, Open Sans without graces, is easily readable.

Regarding the request for an area for donations, we have included in the “What you can do” section, a direct link to Donorbox through which you can donate to the Foundation and the coordinates for a traditional bank transfer.

radio magica academy logo
radio magica academy logo


radio magica academy website
radio magica academy website
radio magica academy website


Radio Magica Fondazione ETS

Radio Magica Academy


Website Academy


Radio Magica Academy is a post-diploma cultural academy for young adults with disabilities, founded by Fondazione Radio Magica ETS.

The request made to us was to create a representative website where we could tell about the Academy project, its activities and where we could raise funds to support it.

The site had to reflect the identity created by us for Radio Magica Academy.