Raggi di Vite project


The visual concept created for Radio Magica Academy, and for the Raggi di Vite project, stems from the very mission of the Foundation: to create and promote a culture of accessibility, inclusivity and to enhance the richness of diversity. Referring to the concept of “Radio”, we thought about how to convey the content in this medium: Radio Magica, through its “waves”, therefore the content and courses promoted in the Academy, radiates and spreads knowledge, culture of inclusiveness and accessibility.

We have therefore created a series of shapes, semicircles with rays of different shapes and colours, which can be combined with each other and thus able to generate new complete shapes, which are different but always fit together.

We also applied the concept just described to the RAGGI DI VITE project, which was designed to promote the Academy, a post-diploma training centre for young adults with cognitive disabilities. Radio Magica has partnered with three different wineries in the Aquileia DOC region (FVG), Brojli, Ca’ Bolani and Rigonat, each of which has earmarked two or three wines for this special edition, part of the proceeds of which will go to support the Academy’s activities.

During the design phase, we took two particular aspects into account: the need to create a label adaptable to the different bottle formats, specific to each winery, and compliance with the principles of inclusion and readability of the content. We therefore created a label suitable for all three wineries and the different formats, in which the elements of the visual described stand out, with simple shapes and colour combinations in accordance with the Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG); half of each shape is composed with a shape identifying the winery and the other half with its own for each wine. 

The compositions that are generated, all different but at the same time harmonious, interpret diversity as a source of richness. We can also find the same concept in the world of wine, where each winery is able to offer different nuances of a territory, and each territory can be told according to different techniques and sensibilities.

NAMING and contents

Fondazione Radio Magica, also through projects such as RAGGI DI VITE, is daily committed to radiating culture and positive values. This is why the wines belonging to the RAGGI DI VITE project have names belonging to positive, colourful, optimistic imagery such as Radiant, Generous and Luminous. 

The naming of the wine on the label is also in Braille, in relief, so that the content is also readable for the visually impaired and blind, respecting the values of accessibility and inclusion.

The QR code on each label links to a video content, created by the Radio Magica Academy boys. Thus, each bottle of the RAGGI DI VITE project, in addition to being a messenger of the values described, becomes a bearer of culture, just as Radio Magica Academy does with activities, courses and events.





Fondazione Radio Magica ETS



Visual Identity (Immagine Generativa Logo), Progettazione Etichette


The main objective was to create a concept to be applied to several projects of the Radio Magica Academy Foundation, including RAGGI DI VITE, a social campaign supported by three different wineries in FVG. Specifically, we were asked to design the labels for the line of wine bottles participating in the project, inspired by the Foundation’s identity values: inclusion, accessibility and diversity as a source of wealth.