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Saipex Academy is the learning section of Saipex srl whose main objectives are:

1. To help recognise and examine specific problems so as to identify, compare and select the most suitable and valuable solutions;

2. To apply and spend the acquired skills and knowledge in the field so as to operate more professionally, effectively and efficiently in problem solving and/or the anticipation and prevention of potential problems;

3. To create opportunities for growth to improve one’s professional activity, so as to increase one’s professional value in the labour market.

We led Saipex Team through a co-design path, thanks to which we managed to establish the guideline to define the brand identity. We carried out two different co-design and brand development activities. The first was aimed at the design and activation of a new business unit, Saipex Academy; the second at the complete design of its brand identity and communication strategy.



We created the visual identity and the website entirely dedicated to Saipex Academy‘s activities

To differentiate the Academy from the corporate site (whose characterising colour is blue) we have chosen the orange as identity colour, a particularly stimulating one, associated with energy and achievement, capable of conveying optimism, vitality and strength. It perfectly matches and highlights with the neutral shades of the palette.

Saipex Academy Visual Id colori

The Saipex’s symbol “X”, picks up on the texture of striped sheet metal floors, typical of industrial plants and buildings, in practice the environments where Saipex usually works. The diagonal rod at the front picks up on Academy’s orange colour, consequently becoming its symbol.

Saipex academy visual identity elementi grafici


Saipex Academy Visual Identity
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Saipex Academy Visual Identity
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Co-design workshop, Brand Manual, Brand Identity, Website, Social Media Templates, Applications, Communication Strategy


Saipex, a company based in Prato (Italy) that offers services and solutions for manufacturers and users of equipment and systems under pressure and explosive atmospheres, hired us to create the brand identity for Saipex Academy, dedicated to learning and certification activities.