TED EX 2019


For the second edition of Tedx Udine entitled: THINK HACK we have developed visual solutions inspired by the concept of hacking, thus translating it into alteration, decomposition and simultaneity of images. Everything takes shape from the symbolic element of the red X positioned in the centre of what will be the centre of the real scene. A three-dimensional sculpture on which to bring to life images reworked in computer graphics in a play of transparencies, lights, shadows and projections. An iridescent and changing scenography capable of evoking the themes of this edition.

The video materials created were used for the social dissemination of the event, their programming was spread over four weeks during which the theme and the speakers were revealed. Thanks to their ‘mysterious’ and ‘highly recognisable’ nature, the public was able to easily follow the generated feeds (The first teaser released achieved more than 1000 views in a few hours). Following the launch, the use of our sculpture allowed the organic sharing of original content such as customised photos that fed the social channels throughout the event.


Trailer - version 2

Trailer - version 3


VISUAL SPEAKER introduction


TEDx Udine


The objective was to develop visual and multimedia content of various kinds for TEDx Udine 2019. The promo, the poster, the trailer had to be coherent and organic to the theme and able to support the needs of the media launch, its online dissemination and not least to become an integral part of the scenography during the event.