the 5 ad campaigns with artificial intelligence that we liked best.


we keep you company even under the parasol with a best-of dedicated to a topic that has entertained us and unleashed our creativity in the studio: Artificial Intelligence. Between dark omens that describe it as a grim reaper of the creative sector to those who see it as an ally, we went on the hunt for the most interesting cases put forward by brands. Here are the five best of A.I. Edition according to us Broders:


1. Ketchup IS heinz: the a.i. says so.

Saying that our ketchup is the best without saying that our ketchup is the best… so let’s get the AI to say it!

Heinz asked the Dall-E system to generate an image from the simple prompt ‘KETCHUP’. The result clearly speaks for itself and who are we to contradict it?

2. Garofalo: do you recognise a real carbonara?

If there is one thing that every Italian does not compromise on (and we broders know something about it) it is carbonara: just hear one of our transalpine cousins add cream and immediately the face darkens with that typical ‘what have we done to you wrong’ expression. 

For Carbonara Day 2023, Pasta Garofalo and the blog Al.ta Cucina have set up a riddle on their social channels to test the seriousness of their followers on the subject: which of image 1 and 2 is the real carbonara and which is the one generated by A.I.? 

With this poll-quiz, the Garofalo-Al.ta Cucina combo involves and generates debate within its community of pasta lovers. We had no difficulty in recognising the real one, but then again we do have some experience, don’t you?

3.Mc Donald’s vs Burger King: a.i. challenge

Some brands love to tease each other so much that underneath we suspect there is a latent love. Mc Donald’s and Burger King, for example, have been at each other’s throats for years… and would they have missed the opportunity to challenge each other to an A.I. match? Of course not!

Mc Donald’s Brazil launched an advertising campaign asking Chat GPT which was the most iconic burger in the world. A.I.’s answer was not long in coming: the ‘Big Mac’. The result was a surge of ego at McDonald’s that the historic rival Burger King immediately thought to cool down by asking what the ‘biggest sandwich’ was instead; thanks to its Whopper it triumphed without rival and, in a blatant move, placed itself next to every advertising poster of its historic rival. The result is undoubtedly irreverent and we can only adore it.

But at this point, a question arises: at the end of the day, which is the best?

4.ANMAR- use the human intelligence!

We know very well that A.I. has some difficulty in realising parts of the human body, such as the hands. ANMAR, Associazione Nazionale Malati Reumatici Onlus (National Association of Rheumatic Patients Onlus), has ‘exploited’ this defect to create a strong prevention and awareness campaign on rheumatoid arthritis. The images, generated by the A.I., show irregular-looking hands which, combined with prompts such as ‘imagine healthy hands’, create a strong alienating impact. The campaign here invites people to use ‘human intelligence’ and not to underestimate symptoms or preventive checks for arthritis. Chapeau!

5."Autonomous" by beck's: the first beer created by the a.i.

A beer created by AI? All true and Beck’s proves it with Autonomous, a beer created entirely by AI. Through the ChatGPT and Midjourney platforms, the recipe, design and even the supporting marketing campaign was developed. 

The 450 cans of Autonomous, produced in a limited edition for Germany, Italy and the UK, obviously sold out in a very short time and we are a little sorry we did not have the pleasure of tasting it. While we wait for A.I. to think of a new version, you can learn more about this crazy advertising campaign on the official Beck’s website.

The campaigns we selected represent different approaches to creatively integrating and exploiting AI in marketing campaigns: from the irony of Heinz and McDonald’s to the strong emotional impact generated by ANMARS and the engaging one of Garofalo, to Beck’s which succeeds in the feat of integrating it across the board with an unprecedented marketing initiative. 

Which is your favourite? 



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