Udine 3rd Forum


For the 2019 edition of Udine 3D Forum, inspired by multidisciplinarity, we developed a visual concept that could be applied in several contexts: the corporate image, the graphic animations and, above all, the exhibition route. The great challenge was to seek stylistic and conceptual coherence in all kinds of expressive forms, both two- and three-dimensional. We decided to design the scenography of the event starting from the exhibition modules. Each module represents a ‘skill’, a digital or manual ability, and the resulting forms are the ideal sum of these skills.



In the backstage video we show some moments of the realisation of the modules used for the photo shoot from which we elaborated the visual identity and the different graphic declinations for print, web and social ads.


interactive panel / SOCIAL ACTIVATION

We asked the participants to draw with coloured threads of wool their competences, in one colour those they had already acquired, in the other those they thought they needed to fill. The result was for everyone to visualise, a kind of real-time generative infographic. We also asked them to share the shots of the panel on their social media by including the selected skills with #hashtags.


The visual identity was also transposed for the stage design. The three-dimensional modules we designed interlocked with each other and made it possible to compose many different layouts, the structures also had a display function and determined the route of the exhibition.


Confartigianato Udine


Visual Identity of the 2019 edition, Exhibition Design, Graphic Adaptations for Banners and Web Displays, Social Templates, Aftermovie, Poster.