Udinì is back!

Could summer 2023 begin in a better way than with the new season of Udinì Live Experience? The format created and produced by Brodo Studio is back on stage with a new episode available on all screens from next autumn!

UDINI: the star of BRODOWAY

The spotlight is once again on UDINì, the original video format by Brodo Studio that, through musical entertainment content, tells the identity, history and values of brands or institutions. In UDINì, each show comes to life inside special and evocative locations linked to the brands, such as production centres, factories, workshops, but also museums, parks and historical residences. Each episode is treated in detail: performers, mood, location and visuals are consistent with the identity, so as to amplify the brand experience.

But what makes Udinì such an interesting and versatile product is also its phygital nature, which combines the physical component of the live show with a digital one that is easy to broadcast and enjoy, with the possibility of enjoying extra content such as interviews and behind the scenes. In this way our audience can enjoy a memorable and complete experience, increasing the possibility of a stronger connection to the brand and its values.

The full potential of branded content video

Some might ask why a company with no ties to the world of entertainment would consider a product like Udinì. We are well aware that the time of big slogans and invasive advertising is over, that customers prefer content that is pleasant to enjoy, that fits into the flow of everyday life without interrupting or disturbing it. There is a greater focus on quality, on products and experiences that are really worthwhile.

Udinì fits perfectly into this trend, as it allows companies to co-create branded content, which is at the same time artistically relevant musical entertainment products, within which one can integrate one’s brand, offering the customer/viewer a memorable experience. We normally enjoy video and music content for pleasure, because it is a source of entertainment in our free time, but also a source of emotional involvement and sharing with others etc. This type of content has a lot to do with the personal sphere, which is why companies that integrate this type of content into their strategy find it less difficult to establish a solid, loyal relationship with their audience, thus increasing brand loyalty.

Moreover, the possibility of including extra content such as interviews with company members is a way to tell the story and values of the brand without boring, but entertaining!


Montoya-udinì-MUSE Trento

UDINì: season 2

After the excitement of the first season, which saw various artists from the Italian and international independent scene perform in unique locations, this year we decided to start the second one by putting Brodoway in the spotlight! Thus WE PLAY BRANDS was born, an evening to tell who we are, our projects and to offer a taste of Brodoway with local companies, collaborators and friends. Or first guests have been the Technoir, an Alternative / Electro Soul duo with Italian, Nigerian and Greek origins formed by Alexandros and Jennifer.

Are you curious to witness Udinì’s new magic?

first episode of the second season available from next autumn!

In the meantime, you can relive the thrills of the first season under the parasol: all episodes are available on the official website!

And if you think the next brand to go on stage could be yours, contact the broders!

All that remains is to wish you happy holidays, have fun!