Udinì Live Experience – the Show


Udinì Live Experience is a musical entertainment format conceived and realized in 2020 by BrodoStudio. The first season includes 9 episodes. The idea behind the format is to create a connection between the world of music and art with brands.

Through the creation of unique artistic entertainment content, it is possible to tell the story and values of different commercial and institutional realities. In addition to the creation of individual episodes, the production of Udinì – Live Experience includes a dedicated digital framework and editorial plan. We created a real Network that includes the official website www.udini.it, youtube channel and facebook page, from which live broadcasts and video previews are transmitted.

This allows us to disseminate content about the artists and brands involved by developing tailor-made editorial materials such as interviews, playlists, illustrations, backstage graphics and photo reports.

Each episode is linked to a specific marketing campaign with dedicated brand activation.


NEW EPISODES - Season 2 - in production

Artists from the contemporary music scene perform live site-specific performances. Cultural heritage, science and industry meet music drawing new “sound and visual forms.”

Udinì Live Experience tells the story of the richness and diversity of the Italian and European contemporary music scene by bringing music to the most representative places of both the productive and industrial context and the world of art, culture and territorial promotion. The magic of music accompanies us in the discovery of museums, archaeological sites, natural parks, factories and workshops, even at temporary events. Each Udinì performance is a unique and site-specific performance; an exciting visual and sound experience that the audience can live and relive thanks to the recordings, rediscovering that magic and energy typical of live performances. Thanks to exclusive interviews and in-depth materials, each episode allows a brand’s products and services to be integrated organically into the context of the performances.


The first season of Udinì Live Experience featured the New Candys and Montoya at the beautiful MUSE in Trento designed by Renzo Piano, where we staged their performance in the large central hall called The Void and in the wonderful tropical greenhouse. The live performances at MUSE were connected to the promotion and dissemination of the “Dolomeyes” Awareness Campaign carried out for Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO.

In each episode of Udinì very different situations were experienced, both from the point of view of live recording and those dictated by the locations and the technical needs of the artists. In the case of the Vanarin, for example, the episode took place at one of the Milan venues of the Flower Burger chain during closing time in the “shift change” between lunch and dinner, everything was set up and restored in record time, and the recording turned into a “live experiential” event where incredulous passers-by could enjoy the performance.

Completely different scenario for Post Nebbia, where we made a real “movie concert” inside a charming art nouveau villa, with the insertion of short fictional clips connecting one setting to another, for the creation of a unique musical narrative.

Bruuno Noise and Cecilia, on the other hand, were paired with the Bevande Futuriste brand with two live performances made at Barch Brewery. The episode dedicated to singer-songwriter Gregorio Sanchez features an intimate atmosphere with an electro-acoustic live performance recorded in the CR/AK Brevery lounge.


Fondazione Dolomiti Unesco, MUSE Trento, Bevande Futuriste, Flower Burger, CR/AK Brewery, Brodo Studio


In 2019 we won the Por Fesr FVG regional call for proposals with the BrodoStudio project, we were asked to develop services/content with which to test our market. So we created a format that contained all the elements of BrodoStudio, both the experiential part and the development of non-conventional video content.