HESE- Hydrogen Energy Summit&Expo is the trade fair dedicated to new technologies for hydrogen production, transport and storage, held annually in Bologna. One of the main themes is product safety, a topic that Saipex deals with on a daily basis. To convey this sense of safety, which for Saipex translates into product safety, compliance with plant regulations and analysis of each situation to find the best situation, we have created a linear stand, with simple shapes and where blue, the identifying colour of the company identity, is the dominant colour, which meets in some details black and white, neutral colours. A few elements to convey to possible customers what Saipex’s mission is: to offer services and solutions in a simple and complete way, and to take care of everything related to security.

On the Saipex stand, we designed two main panels. The first, which is more descriptive and demonstrative, displays four components of an installation and the different guidelines, in the form of questions, that they must answer in order to be compliant. Saipex is the right partner to contact for advice in this area.

In the other, a screen broadcasts on a loop the corporate video, also made by us, in which the values and know-how, the result of years of experience, emerge. Both contents reflect a linearity in the transmission of information, which goes well with the minimalist style of the Saipex stand and visual identity.

the project


Saipex SRL


Stand fiera, brochure informativa, video corporate


Stand realisation for HSE-Hydrogen Energy Summit&Expo exhibition in line with the corporate image of Saipex SRL.

The design must convey a general sense of safety and reliability, the result of Saipex’s experience in the field of hydrogen inspection and safety.